Welcome to BOAA's new website!

BOAA is a student group at the University of California, Berkeley. We work to challenge species chauvinism and reduce the suffering and oppression of non-human animals. We seek to educate and bring about awareness of the plight of animals in Berkeley and elsewhere through various events and activities such as protests, disruptions, leafletting, bakesales, volunteering, vegan food give-aways, and more. 

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Some of our Spring 2015 Events

Total funds raised (and donated!) from bakesales this semester:  $1,671.72 

5/7 Christopher Locke Animal Rights Talk 
On May 7th, we convened at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley to listen to author Christopher Locke discuss his newly released book, "Persimmon Takes on Humanity". He talked about his journey in becoming an animal rights activist and how he got inspiration to write his book
5/7 Hampton Creek Tour 
On May 7th, we went on a tour of Hampton Creek, a new food tech company backed by Bill Gates. We got to sample eggless mayo, vegan ranch dressing, and vegan chocolate chip and sugar cookies!
5/7 Vegan Pizza Outreach 
On May 7th, we gave out vegan pizza to students on campus to show them how delicious cruelty-free options are. We also handed out information on the suffering of mother cows in the dairy industry.
5/5 Vegan Potluck 
On May 5th, we had our last vegan potluck of the semester.
5/4 Bakesale for Hens and Activists
On May 4th, we held a bakesale at the Berkeley Student Food Collective and raised money for Hen Harbor, DxE activists facing litigation in Southern California, and Mexican activists so they could attend an animal rights conference in Washington DC. We raised over $400!
4/27-4/28 Pay-Per-View 
On April 27th and 28th, we partnered with Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) to show students clips of the life animals must endure on factory farms. We showed over 500 students the video and many pledged to go veg!
4/24 Hummingbird Rescue 
On April 24th, we rescued a baby hummingbird who was lost on campus. We took her to the Lindsay Wildlife Center in Walnut Creek.
4/24 Outreach for Earth Week 
On April 24th, we tabled on campus with other environmental student groups to educate students on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. We placed a huge tarp that filled Dwinelle Plaza to show students how much of the Amazon is destroyed every one-tenth of a second.
4/23 Brave the Cage 
On April 23rd, we partnered with Animal Place to show students the horrible confinement factory farmed animals are forced to endure.
4/21 Cowspiracy Screening
On April 21st, we screened Cowspiracy, a documentary about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture.
4/13 Bakesale for Preetirang Sanctuary 
On April 13th, we held a bakesale at the Berkeley Student Food Collective. All proceeds were donated to Preetirang Sanctuary. 

4/12 Goat Festival Protest 

On April 12th, we disrupted the Goat Festival held by CUESA at the Ferry Building in SF. The Goat Festival simultaneously had a petting zoo with baby goats and a goat meat cooking demo. We were able to successfully shut down the cooking demo and then marched through the Ferry Building.

4/05: Preetirang Visit

On April 5th, we visited Preetirang Sanctuary and played with rescued farmed animals.

4/04 Conscious Eating a Conference 

On April 4th, we sponsored an animal rights conference hosted by United Poultry Concerns (UPC). There were several speakers and vegan vendors at the event.

3/22: Quarterly Animal Advocates Meeting

On March 22nd, we held our first Quarterly Animal Advocates Meeting where we helped bring together animal rights organizations from across the Bay Area to discuss ways we could collaborate.

3/20: Meat Out

On March 20th, we held our annual Meat Out event, where we offered students free vegan samples of plant-based meats and desserts.

3/15: Pig Roast Protest

On March 25th, we held a funeral at a pig roast at a restaurant in Berkeley.

2/23: Pay Per View
On February 23rd, we worked with Mercy For Animals and put on Pay-Per-View, where we offered students $1 to watch a 4-minute clip of a undercover factory farm investigation. We had over 80 students watch the clip and many pledged to eat less meat.

2/13: Valentine's Outreach

On February 13th, we gave away free non-dairy milk samples and chai tea to students! 

1/24: Protest at Domino's

On January 24th, we protested Domino's due to their offensive ad campaign that claimed that dairy cows were happy and well cared for.